keluli tahan karat laser mesin cetak mesin pemotong laser emas

ABSOLUTE jenama keluli tahan karat laser mesin cetak mesin pemotong laser emas

Pengenalan Mesin

Mesin ini mengguna pakai sumber laser MAX Fiber yang diimport (500W, 800W, 1KW), menggerakkan skru bola dua sistem penggerak, laluan cahaya tetap dengan reka bentuk gaya gantry, kawalan gelung dekat dengan skala linear untuk membuat kualiti pemotongan sesuai dengan reka bentuk .
Ia sesuai untuk pemotongan cepat dan ketepatan pada keluli tahan karat dan keluli ringan, walaupun radian dan sudut tajam boleh dipotong dengan sempurna.


1. Kualiti jalan yang cemerlang: Titik laser yang lebih kecil dan kecekapan kerja yang tinggi, berkualiti tinggi.

2. kelajuan pemotongan yang tinggi: kelajuan pemotongan 2-3 kali daripada kuasa pemotong laser CO2 yang sama.

3. Stabil berjalan: mengadopsi laser serat import dunia atas, prestasi yang stabil, bahagian kunci boleh mencapai 100,000 jam;

4. Kecekapan tinggi untuk penukaran fotoelektrik: Bandingkan dengan mesin pemotong laser CO2, mesin pemotong laser serat mempunyai kecekapan penukaran fotoelektrik tiga kali ganda.

5. Kos rendah: Simpan tenaga dan melindungi persekitaran. Kadar penukaran fotoelektrik adalah sehingga 25-30%. Penggunaan kuasa elektrik yang rendah, hanya kira-kira 20% -30% mesin pemotong laser CO2 tradisional.

6. Penyelenggaraan yang rendah: transmisi talian gentian tidak perlu mencerminkan kanta, menjimatkan kos penyelenggaraan;

7 Operasi yang mudah: penghantaran gentian talian, tiada penyesuaian laluan optik.


Perkakasan, panel, peralatan dapur, stent, stensil, gasket, alat mesin, seni dan kraf, memotong ...

Industri Gunaan

Mesin memotong laser widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, pressure vessels, chemical machinery,
industri nuklear, jentera am, jentera kejuruteraan, keluli dan industri lain!

Bahan Terapan

Iron plate,stainless steel plate,titanium plate,galvanized sheet, high speed steel,etc.k


The robust monolithic structure is a guarantee of great stability and precision of cut. Even the design is perfected according to criteria of maximum functionality and efficiency, such as to reduce maintenance and operator interventions to the minimum.

Perkhidmatan kami

After-sales service support:

After we signed the purchase contract and have a certain reputation guarantee, we will contact the professional group that responsible for ship bookings, commodity inspection, commercial invoices, packing list, insurance policy and so on, in order to provide you the perfect goods trading services, until the product you purchased properly to your hands.

Technical Service:ACCURL brand stainless steel laser printing machine gold laser cutting machine

A has been largely adopting new technologies, new techniques and high-tech equipments. And ACCURL also has strict and effective quality control system. We have obtained ISO9001 quality system certificate.

ACCURL® insists on providing clients with overall solutions from equipment recommendation to debugging and installation, worker training, technical support and maintenance.Our technician is available to give your technical helping or how to use our machines. You can also send your technician to our company to learn how to operate machines.

Soalan Lazim

1: you a factory or trading company?

A: We are the manufacturer

2.Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

you can take the direct plane to Nanjing Lukou International Airport if you have the direct line.Our factory is just 20 Km away from this airport. We will drive you to our Factory.

3.How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A:Quality is priority. we always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end. Our factory has gained ISO,BV authentication.

4.Trade Terms:
1.Payment: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal; 30% deposits;70% balance before deliverying.
2.Delivery Time: 20-90 days
3.MOQ: 1 pcs

5.Why choose us?ACCUR; brand stainless steel laser printing machine gold laser cutting machine
1. We are Manufacturer (Not Dealer):
All machineries from ACCURL ® are made by ourselves, with lower price, good quality and assured full after service.

2.we’d like to recommend a suitable model for you and send you a best quotation. So please give us some more information about your requirement in your enquiry.

3 . Helpful hints;
Operate the equipment have to be technically trained to know the principle and rules of operation. Someone should be specially selected and put in charge of the operation.To ensure normal operation of the equipment, a manual containing strict rules and procedures for its operation, maintenance and repair should be well prepared and followed. Tools, replacement parts for maintaining, repairing and lubricating oil and grease must be available for immediate use.

4.Selling at the factory price:
We are manufacturer. We sale machine to the customers directly, reducing the sales channels. So we give our customers much more benefits!