plasma gi sheet cutting machine, tiub udara segi empat tepat cnc plasma pemotong untuk dijual

pemotong tiub plasma untuk dijual


It’s mainly for automatically lofting and cutting the deformed workpiece.You can select a drawing from the new version of CAM-DUCT and input dimensions and choose a way of connection,then the software will start calculating,composing,jacking and cutting automatically according to your requirements.

Performance Features:

1.Vertical control cabinet with 10 inch touch screen(15 inch screen is optional)

2.New version of CAM-DUCT software from Hypertherm of United States and encrypting Chinese version.

3.Original generator of Hypertherm of United States or homemade generator of Huayuan (economy version).


The machine adopts the latest CAM-DUCT software from Auto Desk company and the software combines technology,data procedure with management and meets cutting requirements of duct workplace by using pre-designed standard duct drawings and parameter settings.The software is easy to learn and operate because it only requires machine dimensions to develop an unfolded view of deformed duct automatically.

Butiran Cepat

Keadaan: Baru
Tempat asal: Anhui, China (tanah besar)
Jenama: ACCURL
Model Number: 1500*4000 plasma GI sheet cutting machine
Voltan: 220v / 380v / 110v
Rated Kuasa: 3KW
Dimensi (L * W * H): 4800 * 2300 * 1350
Weight:1200 kg
Persijilan: CE ISO
Waranti: 2 tahun
Perkhidmatan selepas jualan yang disediakan: Jurutera yang tersedia untuk jentera perkhidmatan di luar negara
Product name: plasma GI sheet cutting machine
Sistem kawalan: SF-2012AH - Beijing
Ketebalan memotong: 0-3 mm
kawasan pemotongan: 1500 * 40000
Kelajuan pemotongan: 0-8000mm / min
Arus plasma: 63 A
Mod pemindahan fail: USB
Peicision: 0.05 mm
Dimensi: 4800 * 2300 * 1350 mm