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Cutting advantage

1.Waterjet is cold cutting, cutting does not produce thermal effects, no deformation, no dross, no ablation, will not change the physical and chemical properties of the material

2.After cutting, cutting surface neat and smooth, will not be cut in the process of cutting the object to any damage, can play many cutting tools can not be cut

Bahagian Mesin

Name:Five-axis cutting head

1.Platform beautiful and generous, easy to install, easy loading and unloading.
2. Gantry structure, the use of AC servo, can effectively ensure the accuracy of operation.
3. Double support points, an effective solution to the cutting of gravity jitter, to ensure accuracy.

Ciri-ciri utama

Name: High-pressure pump
High-power motor with cooling pump and automatic variable displacement pump, so that the cooling oil and the main oil separate, to the main oil flow, let the commutation more stable, the pressure is more stable. Cooling the oil pump only for the cooler, changing the traditional oil return method, reducing the return oil pressure on the cooler damage.

Bahagian Mesin

Name:Automatic sand supply system
The automatic sand feeding system provides the water cutting machine with the function of storing sand and automatically sending the abrasive to the sand bucket on the CNC working platform, improving the work efficiency and reducing the labor intensity of the operator, and improving the degree of automation of the machine.

Sample show

The main application areas are: 1, ceramic, stone and other building materials processing 2, glass processing, such as home appliances glass parts cutting, building decoration, glass craft 3, the cutting of the metal sheet metal cutting machine industry 4, advertising Industry signs, art patterns cutting

Butiran Cepat

Keadaan: Baru
Tempat asal: Anhui, China (tanah besar)
Jenama: ACCURL
Model Number: WL2030
Rated Power: 30kw 37kw
Dimension(L*W*H): 2000mm*3000mm
Persijilan: CE ISO
Waranti: 1 Tahun
Perkhidmatan selepas jualan yang disediakan: Jurutera yang tersedia untuk jentera perkhidmatan di luar negara
Structure: gantry type
Ketepatan pemotongan: ± 0.1mm
Repeatability: ±0.05mm
Maximum operating speed: 3000mm/m
Power supply:415/380/220V AC 3P
Product name: cutting machine


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