kilang secara langsung membekalkan mesin pemotong laser serat karbon dari china

kilang secara langsung membekalkan mesin pemotong laser serat karbon dari china


Sgantry Type Double Drive Fiber Laser Cutting Machine (Exchanged Table),The new closed design, double table fast exchange ,while processing edge cutting, fast,small slit, smooth section, easy operation,low energy consumption,suitable for large quantities of continuous processing, highlighting cutting competitive advantages.

Industri yang berkenaan

Machinery and Equipment / Spare Parts Processing / Auto Parts / Aerospace / Oil Pipeline / Elevator Manufacturing / Sheet Metal Processing

Specifications for LFH-3015/2200W IPG

Working Size and Range

1. Cutting area(length x width) 3000x1500 mm
2. X axis stoke 3020 mm
3. Y axis stoke 1520 mm
4. Z axis stoke 100 mm
Machine Accuracy
5. X,Y axis position ≤±0.05 mm accuracy
6. X,Y axis repeatability ±0.02 mm
7. Cutting-joint 0.1~0.3 mm As per plate thickness

Cutting Capacity

8. CS cutting thickness 16 mm
9. Cutting Speed 0.5-0.8 m/min
10. SS cutting thickness 8 mm 2000 W
11. Cutting Speed 0.5 - 0.9 m/min
12. Max.carrying weight of table 1200 Kg


Machine Dimensions
11000*3700*2200 mm
Berat Mesin
7500 kg
Laser : 2 years; Consumable Parts: 1 year

Ciri-ciri utama

The basic principle of laser cutting are : the laser is focused on the material, the material is locally heated to above the meltlingpoint, then blow away the molten metal with a coaxial nozzle high- pressure gas or the metal vapor pressure, with the beam and the material is relatively linear movement so that holes are continuously formed very narrow width of the slit.

In the large format Laser Cutting Machine, the processing height is slightly different parts, so that the surface of the material deviation from local length , so that the spot size is different in different places, the power density os not the same, different quality laser cutting position is inconsistent not reach the laser Cutting Quality requirement.


Sistem kawalan

Domestic Famous Brand: CYPCUT
From : Shanghai

The control system consists of numerical control systems, PLC and control cabinet.etc.
Sistem kawalan berangka

3015 is equipped with international standard CYPCUT CNC control system that guarantees its high stability and reliability, it has following functions:

User-friendly interface with built-in English operating system, greatly enhanced operation efficiency.
AC servo motor and drive: a combination of reliability, quick response and free of maintenance.
Fast-response surface following
Easy-operated cutting-retraction
Straight line/circular arc interpolation fitting and kerf compensation
USB and broadband interface available for data communication

Perkhidmatan kami

1.Warranty period: From the acceptance qualified date, the warranty period will be 1 (one) year, but in any case, not more than 18 months after B/L date. Seller is responsible to offer free fittings in these years (except consumable part.) Buyer has to send the damaged fitting to sellers.

After the warranty, we will also provide favorable service of long term technical supports and spares supply to ensure machine's stable and continuous running.

2.The artificial damage in the warranty period and damage after warranty period, Seller offers paid service.

3.The Seller will give 24 hours service support during warranty time, and giving technical guide by email, telephone, Fax for daily maintenance, if need local support, Buyer has to pay for the travel and accommodation & meal cost for the people from seller’s side, no labor charge require.

If products are out of warranty and require on site service, Buyer have to pay for the travel and accommodation & meal cost for the people from seller’s side, labor charge is require.

4. About the transportation expanses of spare parts will be supported by both parties in the warranty period, like Buyer support the cost of transportation for damage spare part back to supplier; Seller support the new spare part deliver to Buyer.

Soalan Lazim

1. Bagaimana untuk mengangkut mesin?

-You can find a shipping company.Or we can find one for you and quote you a CIF price.If less than one container,we will choose LCL(less than carload),it will be cost-efficiency .If you purchase more,will find 20",40" or HQ container according to the goods size.

2. Apakah kekuatan kilang anda?
-Kilang kami mempunyai lebih daripada 500 pekerja taktikal mahir dan kebanyakan mereka mempunyai lebih 10 tahun pengalaman dalam pembuatan mesin.Dan dengan lebih daripada 120 jurutera teknikal kanan.Mereka menumpukan kepada pembangunan produk, kualiti dan penambahbaikan.Maklumat lanjut, anda boleh melihat gambar di antara kita.

3. Apakah kualiti mesin?
-ADH is a mature brand in China,through our many years research in technology,our design including structure and detailed sercurity and precision has enhanced greatly,and can match all the CE standard,ISO9001:2008 or morestrict standard.And we can allow on-site inspection before purchase.

4. Adakah anda telah membuat perbadanan dengan mana-mana syarikat di negara kita?
-Kami adalah pengilang yang mengeksport produk kami ke banyak negara. Anda boleh mendapatkan hubungan terperinci daripada kakitangan kami.

5. Apakah MOQ atau OEM?
-MOQ: 1 est.Dan menerima OEM.

6. Apakah tempoh pembayaran?

-T/T (bayaran pendahuluan 30%, baki membayar apabila melihat salinan B/L)
-L/C (100% L/C pada pandangan)


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