cnc serat laser permohonan paip logam dan tiub cnc serat harga mesin pemotong laser

harga mesin pemotong laser cnc logam

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Technical Parameters

Model TypeRJ-3015A Mesin pemotong laser serat
Max cutting range1500 * 3000mm
Laser mediumSemiconductor pumped continuous fiber
Kuasa Laser300W/400W/500W/1000W/2000W
Kawasan kerja1300X2500mm / 1500*3000mm
Max.cutting speed0-30m / min
Ulangi ketepatan kedudukan± 0.02mm
Total electric power consumed<13KW
Bekalan kuasa380V/50Hz/60Hz/60A
Min. Lebar Jalur≤0.1mm
Driving and TransmissionImported servo motor and high-precision gear rack
Keperluan Kuasa380V/50HZ/60HZ
Environment Temperature5—35 ℃
Masa Kerja Berterusan24 hours
Weight of the Machine4000 kg
Natural life of laser100000 hours
Panjang gelombang laser10.6um
Watak membentuk minimumChinese character 2mm/ letter 1mm
Penyejukanwater cooling

Penerangan Produk

Mesin pemotong laser serat is equipped with the most advanced international imported fiber laser source which generates powerful laser focused on objects to cause instant melting and evaporation. Automatic cutting is controlled by digitalized mechanic system. This hi-tech machine has condensed the advanced technologies of fiber laser, digital,and precise mechanics.

(1) Very low cost, every hour only consumed 0.5W to 1.5W electricity, cutting all kinds of sheet metal by air;

(2) Imported original fiber lasers, High and stable function, lifespan is over 100,000 hours (3) Higher cutting speed and efficient, speed of cutting plate can reach over 10 meters Laser free maintenance;

(4) Smooth and fine edge or surface and small distortion;

(5)Imported servo motor and gearing system to guarantee precise cutting;

(6)Dedicated software enables graphic or text to instantly designed or processed. Flexible and easy operation.

Permohonan Produk

RJ CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Industri yang berkenaan

Digunakan secara meluas dalam perkakas dapur, kotak kawalan elektrik, peranti tegar tinggi, peralatan mekanikal, peralatan elektrik, lampu, poster, bahagian auto, peralatan paparan, perkakasan dan pemprosesan logam.

Bahan yang berkenaan:

Applicable to fast cutting on plate or tube in metal, mainly for cutting on SS,carbon steel, Manganese steel, galvanized plate,alloy plate, rare metal.

Butiran Cepat

Permohonan: Laser Cutting
Keadaan: Baru
Jenis Laser: Serat Laser
Bahan yang berkenaan: Logam
Cutting Thickness: 0-20mm, 0.2-20mm
Kawasan pemotongan: 1500 * 3000mm
Cutting Speed: 35m/min, ≤30m/min
CNC atau Tidak: Ya
Mod Penyejukan: Penyejuk Air
Perisian Kawalan: Cypcut
Graphic Format Supported:AI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, PLT
Tempat asal: Anhui, China (tanah besar)
Jenama: ACCURL
Certification:CE, ISO, SGS
After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available
Machine Model: RJ-3015G Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Working area: 1500x3000mm
Laser Power: 300w/500w/750w/1000w
Laser Source: Raycus/ Maxphotonics/ IPG
Application materials: Metal Sheet
Travel Speed: ≤60/min
Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm


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